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We were founded in 1981 and are based on Forrest Road in Armadale, Western Australia, where we operate the Pro Ecclesia Publishers, Pro Ecclesia Printers and the Pro Ecclesia Bookshop. 



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The Bible Narrated for Young Adults

by Wolf Meesters

Volume 1: I am the Lord your God

God's redemptive work from creation to the death of Joseph in Egypt.

Volume 2: ... and you shall be My People

Israel in slavery in Egypt, their journey to the Promised Land, the time of the judges and King Saul, and the beginning of the reign of King David.

Volume 3: Your King is Coming

The end of the reign of King David, the time of the kings and prophets, the exile and the return to rebuild Jerusalem.

Volume 4: Behold, the Lamb of God

The birth of Christ and the start of His ministry.

Volume 5: I will be with you always

The end of Jesus Christ's earthly ministry and His work through His apostles to establish the New Testament Church.

All volumes are hardcover and are sold individually

$16.70 per volume

Book reviews

Are you looking for something to read but need some help selecting a book? Please consider browsing through our Book Reviews. These reviews were prepared by members of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia to encourage fellow believers to read quality Christian literature. They cover a range of topics: Bible study, church history, counselling, daily life, doctrine, general fiction, historical fiction, prayer and youth. The books studied include publications by Pro Ecclesia and by others.

New Books

Tears for Jerusalem - Scripture Studies on Lamentations

by D Grutter

Lamentations is one of the least known books of the Bible. That means that a part of God's own Word remained closed to us. A Word that after all belongs to the Gospel, whic we confess we must believe to be saved. This book too, has been given to us for our comfort...
The believers who sat among the ruins of Jerusalem, or who lived along the streams of Babylon, experienced difficulties. Their tears were shed for Jerusalem, but a light also penetrated the dark clouds that converged above the church.
This book is an attempt to show some of the riches of these songs of lamentation.




by P Poortinga

The Book of Esther has a unique place in the Bible. It is an account of events at the court of a Persian king who was not acquainted with God. God's name is not mentioned anywhere in the book. Besides the familiar canonical Book of Esther, apocryphal segments exist wherein God is mentioned by name. Yet God reveals Himself especially in the canonical Bible book. That is why it is so fascinating to attentively read that well-known narrative. This book aims to promote such reading.



Hosea - A Strange Love

by HJ Messelink

Who is God? It is a question many people have tried to find an answer to throughout the ages. It is also a question we can ask ourselves: who is God? What should be our view of God? Often when answering this question, the emphasis is placed on one particular aspect of God: His omnipotence, His love, or His wrath. This holds the danger of forming a fixed image of the LORD God. He is the living God, however, the God who is concerned about our lives; who responds to our behaviour and in this way makes Himself known to us.

It is in this manner that God comes to us through the prophecy of Hosea. He is hurt, offended, and terribly angry. He punishes His people. At the same time He is very loving. The Lord entices His people, draws them towards Him; He longs for His people. He wants to grant them conversion and healing. And He is still the same today. Through this Bible-passage we may know how He is also present in out personal lives today. I sincerely hope that the study of this part of the Bible may contribute towards gaining a closer acquaintance with the living God.

The sub-title, a strange love, reveals something about the special characteristic of this Bible-book. Hosea was required to show love to an adulterous woman. In the same manner our God shows love for an adulterous nation. A strange love. Who would love a woman who is unfaithful? Our God does! And his love conquers. That is the red thread that runs through the prophecy of Hosea.

69 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9871472-1-9


Come Join With Me... in Prayer

by Inge de Visser-Oostdijk

This book is aimed at younger children, simply describing in apt detail every facet of prayer.  It begins with addressing our relationship with God, our Father; how we are to approach prayer as well as what we may pray for.  The book then goes into extensive detail explaining simply and profoundly the Lord’s Prayer. See also: "Come Join With Me ... in the Worship Service" the first book in the series by the author

76 pages, hardcover
ISBN  978-0-9804818-8-4

God Reveals Himself

by AJ van Zuijlekom

"...the fact that the LORD God lets Himself be known is a great miracle. So many people do not come any further than vague talk about God as being some higher being. Others experience Him as an obscure greatness. But our God lets Himself be known, enabling us to love Him. That is a wonderful experience. It is my wish that this Bible study may help you learn to know the LORD more and more..."

1. The LORD lets Himself be known (Genesis 18)
2. The Almighty offers protection (Psalm 91)
3. Love and wrath in one breath (Amos 1-3:8)
4. The Word makes us know God (John 1:1-18)
5. Praise the Lord for your election! (Ephesians 1:1-14)
6. Long for your Redeemer! (Revelation 22:6-22)

44 pages, softcover


For the Strengthening of our Faith

by L Leeftink

A series of meditations about preparation for the celebration of the Lord's Supper

100 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-0-9804818-4-6

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