Duncan's War

Duncan's War
by Douglas Bond
age group: 10 years & older

“Four years had passed since Duncan had been inside the stone walls of the church, now under the control of the popish bishops and the local curate. Covenanters and their families were forbidden to worship inside the little sanctuary unless they swore allegiance to King Charles II as the head of the church.
Hunted like beasts by the ruthless James Turner, chief enforcer of the king’s will, Covenanter families like Duncan’s fled to the hills, worshipping instead in secret field meetings, hearing faithful field preaching from the lips of wanted men. Fugitive field preachers, out of loyalty to Christ, the only King in His Kirk (church), risked their lives for the sake of their scattered flock”
The year? …1663. The King’s spies were everywhere. The covenanters were people who confessed Jesus Christ as head of the church and would rather suffer than acknowledge King Charles II of England as head.

Duncan, a teenager, who with Brodie his inseparable sheepdog, tends the family’s small flock of sheep. He is caught between his desire to fight the persecutors and his Fathers desire for the truth and conviction that you can’t fight hate with hate.

One Sabbath day, the covenanters meet in a secluded little valley deep in the ranges. Here they give praise to the Head of the Church in prayer, song & preaching. Brodie, who had been allowed to come, was very restless, sensing the soldiers. Duncan looked up. “Rising, just visible over the southeast ridge of their meeting glen he saw the head of a fully harnessed horse and immediately behind the armored helmet of a dragoon (soldier) lieutenant, rising and falling with the motion of the horse.”

Do the listeners get to safety? What does Brodie do? What happens to him? To find out more read the book ”Duncan’s War”.

Douglas Bond draws on historical facts and describes in interesting detail the lives these covenanters lived and the persecution they suffered. The series follows the life of the M’Kethe family who lived during these times and later after having fled to America.

Review by GJ. de Vos

Available in the Crown & Covenant Series:
                    Book 1: “Duncan’s War”
                    Book 2: “King’s Arrow”
                    Book 3: "Rebel’s Keep”