In This Hour

in this hour
by Rudolf Van Reest
K C Van Spronsen (1897-1979) better known by many of us by his pseudonym Rudolf Van Reest is the author of quite a number of novels and other books on Reformed church life. Some of his best known books are “Israel’s Hope and Expectation” and “Schilder’s Struggle for the Unity of the Church”.
Another one of his books was translated and published in March of this year. The title of this book is “In This Hour” and it is a story of World War II and the floods in Zeeland of 1953. It is a story about the struggle against two enemies: the Germans during the war and the age old threat of the sea which was held back by the dikes. The author relates the two opposing views about who is the lawful government during the time of the occupation of the Germans. Did they have to obey the enemy or was the queen, who had departed to England, their lawful authority? Many questions and struggles of faith are raised in this book and answered by faithfully listening to what God’s Word teaches. With some there was a reluctance, or even unwillingness, to appropriate the promises of God for themselves. That question too is dealt with in a very instructive and positive manner.

The spiritual well being of a brother or sister is seen to be of more importance, and is treated with more urgency, than other important matters.
The book is divided into three parts: Struggle (I), Despair (II) and Triumph (III).

Yet, it is not in the first place about the struggle and despair during the war and the triumph over the enemies, the Germans. No, it describes the struggle and triumph of faith. Some of them lost their cattle, their hay, their house, yes, everything except their lives. In the hour of utter darkness they were all surrounded by raging seas. Many of their relatives and much cattle drowned. They were all touched by the hand of God, and while many asked the question: “Why?” they did not loose their faith. By the grace of God they stood fast. They had the desire in their hearts to serve the Lord.

Their priority was to first seek the Kingdom of God. Yes, by God’s grace they were more than conquerors.

This book is well worth reading and highly recommended.

It is published by Inheritance Publications and available from the Pro Ecclesia Bookshop.

Review by L. Schoof