Come join with me... in the worship service

by Inge de Visser-Oostdijk

This book is aimed at younger children, simply describing in detail every facet of the worship service; from before going to church on Sunday morning to leaving the church building after the service. It not only explains the obvious elements of the church service such as the singing, prayer and sermon, but also includes elements such as our dress, the handshake, the meaning of Amen and the Blessing. It also discusses Baptism, the Lord’s Supper and other special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Most importantly, every chapter of this book points to the heart of the worship service. The whole congregation brings honour to the Lord, and everything that is done must speak of Him. It is this recurring refrain which makes this book so very special and not only applicable to children, but also a timely reminder to all congregational members.

A review on this book is incomplete without drawing attention to the beautiful pencil drawings accompanying each chapter. Each drawing beautifully compliments the words of every chapter. In some instances the illustrator has used historical photos as basis for the drawings. Many of our church buildings are also portrayed in the illustrations. With an overall “Australiana” theme, these elements add to the “uniqueness” of this book.

This book can be read and used in a variety of ways. I personally feel the best way to use this book within the family would be to read a portion every Sunday morning before church. This will also assist in focusing our mind correctly. The question(s) at the end of each section could be discussed immediately or sometime later during the day. Dad or Mum could also read one chapter every night to their children before bed. Older children can read this book for themselves, reading one chapter a night. However, please do not think only children will benefit from this book.

I am convinced that everybody who reads this book will benefit. Highly recommended for all!

Review by I Dekker 

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