Come join with me... in Prayer

by Inge de Visser-Oostdijk

We were recently (in 2011) privileged with a visit from Dr & Sr deVisser from our sister churches in Canada.  It was with much excitement that Sr deVisser-Oostdijks’  second book, Come Join with me in Prayer was launched at the annual Fellowship Day in Albany where she addressed the sisters on this topic.  

This book is aimed at younger children, simply describing in apt detail every facet of prayer.  It begins with addressing our relationship with God, our Father; how we are to approach prayer as well as what we may pray for.  The book then goes into extensive detail explaining simply and profoundly the Lord’s Prayer.

Of special significance is the manner in which the author places prayer in the covenant context and the role of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   It is this recurring refrain which makes this book so very special and not only applicable to children, but also a timely reminder to all congregational members.

At the end of each chapter there is a question, or thought for meditation, or suggested action.  Discussing these with your children or meditating on them yourselves will assist in deepening and strengthening your prayers.

A review on this book is incomplete without drawing attention to the beautiful pencil drawings accompanying each chapter. Each drawing beautifully compliments the words of the chapter. From the illustrations alone you will learn a lot.

This book can be read and used in a variety of ways. I personally feel the best way to use this book within the family would be for Dad or Mum to read a chapter every day, either as a devotion at the dinner table or before bed time and then to discuss the chapter together.  This book is an excellent tool in teaching children how to prayer.  Older children can read this book for themselves, reading one chapter a night. However, please do not think only children will benefit from this book. I am convinced that everybody who reads this book will benefit. Highly recommended for all!

Review by I Dekker 

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