Even Now

even now
by Karen Kingsbury

“Dear Lauren, I don’t think people are supposed to feel this way in eighth grade. All our friends are doing stupid stuff, having their friends ask a girl out for them. You know, that kind of thing. But I feel like I could marry you tomorrow. I’m not even kidding. I didn’t know if I wanna graduate because that means going to high school. And high school means more people to deal with. All the senior guys will fall over each other to know you. Anyway, that’s all right, ‘cause I’m never going to leave you. Not ever. Love you, Lauren. Yours, Shane.”

Lauren is Lauren Gibbs - Thirty-six years of age, single, and unattached. Lauren is Time Magazine’s International war correspondent. She is based in Afghanistan investigating the plight of orphaned children along with photographer, Jeff Scanlon. Shane is Officer Shane Galanter, a Top Gun flight instructor. Shane is thirty-six and engaged to Ellen Randolph, daughter of Congressman Terry Randolph, possibly Shane’s key to a political career.

Also meet Emily Anderson, a journalism student, raised by her grandparents. She is desperate to find her birth mother. In the process, she discovers so much more. Could this note from Shane to Lauren, be the clue to finding her mother and possibly her father also?

Emily Anderson’s search to find her mother has been aided by a precious find given to her by her grandfather - one box holding the remaining items owned by her mother. Included were framed photographs of her parents, year books, photo albums, folded hand written letters and a stuffed teddy bear. But the most exciting find of all was a collection of eight journals and dozens of note books. Is this enough to find her parents? Do these journals tell her where her mother may be? What about her father? Where is he? Why did they leave her with her grandparents, Bill and Angela? Why don’t they know more about the disappearance of her mother? 

Bill and Angela Anderson along with Samuel and Sheila Galanter are loving and devoted parents to Lauren and Shane. But they made one serious mistake, a mistake that they have regretted for the past eighteen years. 

We have to remember that God has placed our parents in authority over us. We, are to ‘submit ourselves with due obedience … and have patience with their weaknesses and shortcomings’ (Lord’s Day 39). 

If they do make mistakes, like Bill, Angela, Samuel and Sheila did, regardless of how they have wronged us, we are to forgive them as Colossians 3:13 exhorts us - ‘…even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do’. 

Parents must remember that they have promised to raise their children in the fear of the Lord, and must lead their children in His ways, regardless of the situation. What about the Andersons and Galanters? Did these parents forget this? 

A heart wrenching tale of love, lies and losses is told in Even Now written by Karen Kingsbury (said to be America’s #1 inspirational author). As a former journalist and sports writer, Karen has written many stories, both fiction and non-fiction. She is also a popular speaker at women’s groups across America. Karen and her husband Donald live in the Washington State with their six children, three of whom were adopted from Haiti. 

Because of its adult themes, Even Now is best suited to the adult and mature reader. It is available through Pro Ecclesia and retails for approximately $15.

Review by E. Visser