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New Testament Bible Study

   - God Reveals Himself

   - God comes to His People - Part 1
   - God comes to His People - Part 2


   - Shadows of the Light


   - Enumerations in the Wilderness - Part 1
   - Enumerations in the Wilderness - Part 2


   - There was no king in Israel

I/II Kings

   - Elisha the Prophet

I/II Chronicles

   - Elisha the Prophet


   - By the good hand of our God upon us...
   - The Book of Ezra


   - By the good hand of our God upon us...


   - Esther

   - God's Song Book for His People
   - God Reveals Himself


   - Be Wise
   - You're only young once

Song of Songs

   - Song of Songs

   - Tears for Jerusalem


   - The Glory of God with His People
   - The Third Temple

   - God Reveals Himself

   - God Reveals Himself

   - Living Parables
   - The Forerunner


   - A Ransom for Many
   - Living Parables
   - The Forerunner


   - Living Parables
   - The Forerunner

   - God Reveals Himself
   - In the Word is Life - Part 1
   - In the Word is Life - Part 2
   - Living Parables
   - The Forerunner


   - A Mirror of the Manifold Wisdom of God
   - God Reveals Himself

   - To Live is Christ

I/II Thessalonians

   - The Epistles to the Church at Thessalonica

I/II Timothy

   - Apostolic Church Order


   - Apostolic Church Order


   - Free Access to Heaven


   - ...That our Joy may be Full
   - The Letters of John and Jude


   - The Letters of John and Jude

   - God Reveals Himself

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General Bible Study Publications

A Gift From Heaven

Gift from Heaven

The Necessity of the Bible! A workbook comprising of a series of Bible Study lessons. The content is presented as 25 lessons with course notes and study questions.

This book is  intended to aid those newer to the faith in learning about the greatest Gift from Heaven - the Holy Bible.

76 pages, A4 paperback


The Bible Narrated for Young Adults

by Wolf Meesters

The Bible Narrated for Young Adults series comprises of three Old Testament volumes and two New Testament volumes.

These books relate the stories of the Bible at a level intended to appeal to adolescents. They provide a wealth of Scriptural information in a very readable, story-like form. The style makes for light reading, yet the book is both instructive and spiritually rewarding.

Author Wolf Meesters enriches the young reader’s insight by showing the Christ-centred line that runs like a golden thread through the Bible.

Volumes in the series include the following items:

Volume 1: I am the Lord your God

This volume deals with God's redemptive work from creation to the death of Joseph in the land of Egypt.



Volume 2: ... and you shall be My People

This volume deals with Israel in slavery in Egypt, their journey out of slavery to the Promised Land, through the time of the judges and King Saul, and the beginning of the reign of King David.

334 pages, hardcover,
ISBN 978-0-9579517-1-X

Volume 3: Your King is Coming

This volume deals with the end of the reign of King David through the time of the kings and prophets, the events leading to the exile of Israel and Judah, God's care of the exiles, and their return to rebuild Jerusalem.
320 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9579517-1-2


Volume 4: Behold, the Lamb of God

This volume deals with the birth of Christ and the start of His ministry.
227 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9804818-7-7


Volume 5: I will be with you always

This volume deals with the end of Jesus Christ's earthly ministry and the continuation of His work through His apostles to establish the New Testament Church.
278 pages, hardcover


God Reveals Himself

by AJ van Zuijlekom

"...the fact that the LORD God lets Himself be known is a great miracle. So many people do not come any further than vague talk about God as being some higher being. Others experience Him as an obscure greatness. But our God lets Himself be known, enabling us to love Him. That is a wonderful experience. It is my wish that this Bible study may help you learn to know the LORD more and more..."

1. The LORD lets Himself be known (Genesis 18)
2. The Almighty offers protection (Psalm 91)
3. Love and wrath in one breath (Amos 1-3:8)
4. The Word makes us know God (John 1:1-18)
5. Praise the Lord for your election! (Ephesians 1:1-14)
6. Long for your Redeemer! (Revelation 22:6-22)

44 pages, softcover



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