His Word before yours

by Egbert Brink

Rev. Brink wrote this book for Christians who want the biblical message to be their guide on their journey through life. A guide to knowing God as He has revealed Himself in his Word. For knowing God is life (John 17:3).
In a refreshing style, this book outlines what Christians believe, bringing it across in the language of today. This approach makes the book suitable for various uses, such as pre-confession catechism classes, Bible study groups, post-confession courses and personal Bible study.
Each chapter contains a roster of Scripture passages for daily reading, as well as questions to encourage discussion.

Printed Edition:
232 pages, hardcover



Lest any man should boast: The Canons of Dort simply explained

by Arthur van Delden

The author has written this book for the instruction of the senior youth of the church. This magnificent 350 page hard cover publication is, however, a rich resource for all. It leads us thoroughly and throughtfully through the Canons of Dort. It contains numerous proof texts and coloured highlights alert the reader to pertinent points. Each chapter, over 60, concludes with a set of review questions and some more for further thought.

A spiralbound work book is also available (RRP : $9.20).

350 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9579517-3-6


Notes on the Canons of Dort

by C Bouwman

Notes taken from a lecture series held throughout 1997.

114 pages, spiralbound

Not Available

Only by True Faith - Part 1

by A van Delden

A course for catechism students, covering the Heidelberg Catechism numbers 1 to 24.

130 pages, spiralbound
ISBN 978-0-9804818-1-5


Only by True Faith - Part 2

by A van Delden

A course for catechism students, covering the Heidelberg Catechism numbers 25 to 52.

130 pages, spiralbound
ISBN 978-0-9804818-2-2


The Overflowing Riches of God's Mercy

overflowing riches 
by Clarence Bouwman

"The Overflowing Riches of God's Mercy - revisiting the Belgic Confession" was previously published as "Notes on the Belgic Confession".

The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ touches people's lives where they laugh and cry, work and sleep, walk and drive. Four hundred years ago Guido deBres - a man of like nature to anyone alive today - put to paper what he heard God say in His holy word. He did so in order that his congregation might receive encouragement and instruction in the midst of life's dust and dirt. Christian's living in today's tumultuous times can still receive encouragement and instruction from this creed of centuries ago.

This book attempts to give the reader a feel for how believers of long ago worked in trying circumstances with the promises God has earlier given in Holy Scripture. The link is then made to our times and how today's believers can benefit from the way yesterday's believers worked with God's revelation. This book is for those who wish to know better who the God is that leads and governs every event in today's world. Questions to assist discussion conclude each chapter.

424  pages, softcover
ISBN 978-0-9804818-0-8


The Way - A Preconfession Course

by W Huizinga

The accent of this course lies on reviewing and learning the doctrine of the Old and New Testament at an advanced level. Material covered in these lessons include the Scriptures, the Three Forms of Unity, the Church Order, the Liturgical Forms, parts of Church History and aspects of church life.

80 pages, spiralbound
ISBN 978-0-9804818-5-3


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