Daily Life

A Living Member

by A Veldman

Three sermons on the family
  • 1. The Church - God's Building - 1 Peter 2: 4 and 5
  • 2. Total committment - Romans 12: 1 and 20
  • 3. The Church - Christ's Body - 1 Corinthians 12: 11-13 and 27

  • 33 pages, booklet


    Come Join With Me... in the Worship Service

    by I de Visser-Oostdijk

    This book is aimed at younger children, simply describing in detail every facet of the worship service; from before going to church on Sunday morning to leaving the church building after the service. It not only explains the obvious elements of the church service such as the singing, prayer and sermon, but also includes elements such as our dress, the handshake, the meaning of Amen and the Blessing. It also discusses Baptism, the Lord's Supper and other special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

     85 pages, hardcover
    ISBN 978-0-9579517-9-2


    Come Join With Me... in Prayer

    by I de Visser-Oostdijk

    This book is aimed at younger children, simply describing in apt detail every facet of prayer.  It begins with addressing our relationship with God, our Father; how we are to approach prayer as well as what we may pray for.  The book then goes into extensive detail explaining simply and profoundly the Lord’s Prayer. See also: "Come Join With Me ... in the Worship Service" the first book in the series by the author

     76 pages, hardcover
    ISBN  978-0-9804818-8-4

    For as long as you both shall live

    by A van Delden

    A scriptural and historical study of remarriage after divorce

    175 pages, softcover

    Not Available

    For the Strengthening of our Faith

    by L Leeftink

    A series of meditations about preparation for the celebration of the Lord's Supper

    100 pages, softcover
    ISBN 978-0-9804818-4-6


    Learning the Alphabet of Faith

    ~ NEW BOOK ~

    by A Veldman
    How do we as Christians translate the gold of our faith into coins for everyday life?
    These 26 sermons - the ABC of Faith - teach that what God's children confess with their mouths and know in their heart must be converted into daily deeds of thankfulness for the gift of salvation. They take us from the A in Amen, through C for Confessing, H for Hope, P for Pray, and W for Wait, to Z for Zeal
    suitable for personal and family study, as well as for use in church services.

     347 pages, hardcover
    ISBN 978-0-9923986-1-3


    Rock Music - Against the Gospel

    by C Bouwman

    A discussion about Rock Music: Is it music for the Christian?

    20 pages, booklet


    Salt and Light

    salt and light
    by AC Breen, J Kroeze and JR Wielstra

    Papers from the Youth Convention of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia held in Tasmania 2003:
    - Rev Kroeze delivered a speech on 'Evangelism';
    - Br Breen had speech on 'Yahweh's law and the Lords Prayer"; and
    - Br Wielstra's topic was 'Taming the tongue'.

    78 pages, softcover


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