A Focus on the Covenant

by J van Rietschoten and W Boessenkool

Covenant in Scripture - Doctrine and Practice

Covenant Teachings in Recent FRCA History

23 pages, softcover


Encounter with Evangelicals

by C Bouwman

Text of a paper and the discussion of the 1993 Annual combined meeting of the Men's and Women's Bible Study Clubs of Western Australia.

26 pages, booklet


Learning the Alphabet of Faith


by A Veldman
How do we as Christians translate the gold of our faith into coins for everyday life?
These 26 sermons - the ABC of Faith - teach that what God's children confess with their mouths and know in their heart must be converted into daily deeds of thankfulness for the gift of salvation. They take us from the A in Amen, through C for Confessing, H for Hope, P for Pray, and W for Wait, to Z for Zeal
suitable for personal and family study, as well as for use in church services.

 347 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9923986-1-3


Lectures on the Church

by J Faber

A series of lectures by Prof Jelle Faber.

Church in scripture - Church in history - Church in kingdom

31 pages, booklet


Perspectives on Worship, Law and Faith

by C van Dam

The New Old Testament speaks today

Prof Cornelis van Dam, delivered a series of lectures in Perth, Western Australia in 1999. Collected here in this book, the lectures were titled:

- What is Worship? This lecture covers whom, where, when, why and how we worship.

- Clean and Unclean. Old Testament and New Testament perspectives, and the implications for today.

- Where is the Old Testament Deacon? Who are the poor, how the poor were helped, towards the New Testament, and NT implications for today.

- Faith and Reason. Luther's 95 Theses, Three approaches (Fideism, Historical-critical, Evidentialism), and the starting point.

A common theme that runs through the first three speeches is that the Old Testament legislation is still relevant for today. The principles underlying the laws respecting worship, clean and unclean, and the care of the poor and needy are as applicable today as they were then. God’s Word includes the Old Testament laws and their message still needs to be heard. Although the ceremonies and symbols of the law have been fulfilled in Christ so that their use has properly been abolished, yet “their truth and substance remain for us in Jesus Christ” (Belgic Confession, Art. 25). The purpose of these lectures is to show something of the truth and substance of the gospel that is embedded in the Old Testament laws and to help sensitise us to the fact that the New Testament gospel has its basis in the Old Covenant. Neglecting the Old Testament message is of great detriment to understanding the glory, depth, and perspective of the New.

111 pages, softcover


The Doctrine of the Church in Reformed/Presbyterian Contacts

by C Bouwman

A presentation to the Committee on Theological Affirmation appointed by the International Conference of Reformed Churches, 1989.

1. International Conference of Reformed Churches
2. The cause of the different practices
3. 'church' in Scripture
4. Church: true and false
5. The Westminster Assembly on the Church
6. The Westminster Standards on pulpit exchange and fencing of the Lord's Table

27 pages, booklet


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