Historical Fiction

Calvin: The Giant of Noyon

by PA de Rover

A story about the life and times of the well known reformer John Calvin. In this book the children's author PA de Rover retells the story of Calvin from his days in Noyon when he wanted to sail the oceans, through his training as priest, studying the law in Orleans and theology in Paris. Calvin came to realise that a reformation in the church became necessary, and he became a travelling minister of the Word in France. he slept only a few hours each night and possessed a fabulous memory. Despite hardships and disappointments, the fruits of the work of this servant of God have lasted the centuries and spread to all the continents. Easy to read and very informative. A must for every budding Calvinist!

148 pages, paperback



by R Weerstand

The history of the Church in 64 AD is written with blood and tears.
This book, based on historical facts, relates what happened in Rome in the summer of that year. It is a gripping chronicle. However the actual events that occured are worse than can be related in a book for adolescents.
In the story we meet Quintus, the central character. He is a typical Roman boy, who through a number of ordeals, experiences the grace of God.
His mentor is Davus, a copper-smith. Davus shows us some of the prejudges held by the heathen people in Rome against the Christians. Emperor Nero and his aides feature, when the story retells some of the most shocking deeds performed against the followers of Christ. We also meet Aquilla, Priscilla, Demas, Caecillia and others, all faithful Christians, called to witness of their faith.
This book gives more than one gathers from that written above. It gives an impression of the daily life of first Christian community in Rome. It shows the difficulties that the heathen Romans placed in the path of the gospel, and how God worked events to His good. Through God's grace the simple people held onto their faith.

113 pages, softcover


The Carpenter of Zerbst

by P de Zeeuw

A story from the time of the Great Reformation.
Young Otto is sad when his father forbids him to walk in the procession honouring Tetzel, the indulgence peddlar. Later on, grief strikes the whole family because of their wholehearted support for Martin Luther and the cause of the Reformation.
Clinging to the convictions that God does all things well, the family passes through a period of sadness and tension. In the end there is joy when God works conversion in the heart of an enemy of the church of Jesus Christ.
The story is told by P de Zeeuw, a one time popular author of books for the younger generation.
'The Carpenter of Zerbst' presents a stirring account of the struggle which the choice for Jesus Christ brings into everyday life.

80 pages, softcover


The Farrier of Buda

by P de Zeeuw

A story from the time of the Great Reformation
Kapotsky Andreas is the court farrier to the king of Hungary. The king has declared that the followers if Martin Luther (the heretics) are outlaws. Andreas hates heretics, and he does his best to get them arrested.
He helps to have one of the most famous Reformers thrown into prison, but soon after the arrest the Lord lets their paths cross again, with remarkable consequences.
Based on a true story, P de Zeeuw's account of the Reformation in Hungary brings to life the struggle of the church and also the blessings that Christ gives her in reformation.

100 pages, paperback


The Tower Clock Stopped

by J de Haan

The Dutch fought for eighty years (1568 to 1648) for their freedom from Spanish Roman Catholic occupation. This gripping story is about boys who are involved in thwarting the surprise enemy attack on a small city in southern Netherlands. The book is suitable for the young (and young at heart) - 8 years and older. 

Printed Edition:
114 pages, paperback

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