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Pro Ecclesia Christian Printers  operates on the same site as the bookshop.  Our primary aim is to assist the churches in printing magazines and periodicals for their members.  This includes the Church Bulletins, Una Sancta Magazine, Clarion, Perspective, Faith in Focus Magazines.  We also print and distribute flyers for different organisations within the church community.

We also print small booklets, primarily outlines.  We also do small private print runs, for example personal memoirs.

In addition to this we are willing and able to print booklets or flyers for personal events, such as weddings as well as business flyers.

Please use the form below to contact us regarding any printing questions or queries you may have.

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Pro Ecclesia Bookshop

... selling a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction christian books to the local community


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Pro Ecclesia Publishers

... a small time publisher of christian books that have been written by members of the FRSA or been translated into English.


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